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Paid Search Engine Marketing - Direct Digital Marketing

With years of experience of delivering highly successful lead generation campaigns, there is no doubt that paid search engine marketing (SEM )or pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the quickest ways to get your business in front of your target customers.
To ensure success, there are many variables to consider — Who your ideal audience is, How they are searching, What they are searing for, What device they are searching on & When are they searching?

We develop a highly targeted, results driven, bespoke SEM campaign that works in-line with your business goals.

The whole is greater than the sum of all parts

We love users and focus on data led analysis to understand the best customer journeys suited to each search.

We look at your marketing wholistically and ensure that the users experience provides the best oppotunity to present your products as a viable solution.


Having a clear strategy is critical to your success. Understanding how and where search marketing fits into your wider marketing plan is pivotal...


The success of any SEM campaign can be rooted to the effectiveness of the keywords chosen to match the customers search...


With many types of adverts and extensions, it is key to understand the impact of each part, what is needed and why it is not...

Landing Pages

The landing page is where the consumer ends up at once they have clicked your advert. The idea being to ensure that they are provided with the right information...


Finding the right audience and understanding how it differs between re-targeting and initial engagement is just as key as understanding each product has a different demographic...


Each platform, be that Google, Bing or any other platform serving paid SEM adverts will have various types of automated bidding strategies you can tap into; However...

Test & Measure

A perfect campaign is one that is able to evolve to suit the marketplace, demand and circumstance...

Refine & Scale

Finally the key to a successful campaign is split test new refinements, until you find the formula that works for you...

Our approach is to become an extension of your business, providing regular communication, a proven track record and personal relationship with each and every client we work with. We pride ourselves on getting to understand your business and your needs.

We identify exactly what you and your business require to elevate it's digital presence. Even if you have an existing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy in place, we will review it, compare it to industry benchmarks and suggest how we can improve it, allowing us to transform your business online.

With regular updates and meetings, we not only show you progress, but plans for the future. An SEM campaign does not stop once it is built, Simplicity Media work tirelessly to ensure your campaign remains at it's optimum. We also know marketing does not stop at paid SEM, we love to cultivate open discussions as to how you can improve & expand your digital marketing and how you integral paid search can be to ensure maximum success.